How Did You Contract Lyme Disease?

For many people, contracting lyme disease can be something that goes like this:
Scenario 1: 
Hey, let's go outside, maybe for a hike, or a swim in a lake, or hang out in a generally wooded area. Sure, sounds good!
Later that day they discover a tick attached to their body. If this is their first tick bite, and it is after the early 90s, they will immediately freak out, but then figure out how to detach it safely, and then go to their doctor. If you save the tick, you can sometimes confirm lyme, sometimes not. If you go on to the "watchful waiting" stage, you will wait to see if a bullseye rash appears near the bite site. Some doctors in endemic and epidemic areas will immediately put you on a course of antibiotics and the young disease will be on it's way out of your body, with nary a symptom.


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