For the next two weeks in January, you can help my medical costs and be the height of cool! We have two t shirt designs for your styling pleasure. If we make it to a hundred on each design that will put $2500 into my medical account.more than is there right now.

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My care has cost on average $600 out of pocket, plus the months I have been unable to care for myself, the house and our daughter, another $1000-1500 per month. We have strained our retirement, savings, and family gifts for 10 months and nearly $20,000. This doesn't include any of the bills that came before my Lyme treatment and all of the co pays for visits and tests that would never tell the truth about what was attacking my body and immune system.


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Every dollar counts! With your donations, you'll contribute to monthly medical costs, doctors' visits, medication and in-home care.

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I was recently diagnosed with late stage lyme disease along with other tick borne diseases, which I have had for 30 years. Now begins the fight.